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In November 2011 Collectif Etc, a group of twelve graduate architects and graphic designers, set off on their bikes for a year-long Tour de France. We want to tackle the reality of the city although it feels quite far away by going out to see it for ourselves. We want to get started and get involved. In their pursuit of an education off the beaten path, the collective rode across the entire country, discovering its diverse textures and landscapes and encountering all sorts of urban experimentalists: mavericks, people who have taken a step aside and chosen to embrace the world in all its complexity architects, urban planners, sociologists, collectives and associations, residents and practitioners who work in cities, in the country and everywhere in between. With each stopover the collective encountered new experiences. They learned from each collaboration, all the while sawing, listening, drilling, looking, painting, eating, drawing and living. Step by step, working as a group, they developed a new way of practising their profession. Can communities build their own public spaces? Can usage be fed into standards? Can commissioning be challenged? How can we find new resources and create new kinds of projects? How can we generate more meaning and more inclusiveness? How do we open up construction sites? How can territorial transformation be worked into the public agenda? How can we participate in urban development processes as residents, rather than trying to achieve resident participation?

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